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2012 The Season in Review January 12, 2013

One way and another a large part of 2012 passed the Baabaa scribe by. Oh that unfortunate tick bite that laid Dungers low! Oh the scheduling clash that made Pippers unavailable at the end of the season when it really mattered! Oh that pernickerty umpire who kept Koggers and Stiffers off the field because they couldn’t sort their socks out in the changing rooms in time!

But still the Barbs turned up and did their turn, making every match a contest no matter who the oppo. Captain for the season Barners acquitted himself well, encouraging his staff from behind the stumps, and strolling round to point to take the odd catch himself if they were not encouraged enough. His bowler rotation focused heavily on giving committee members an extra over, leading to a heavy vote of confidence in his captaining skills from the Barbers committee, and a prompt rise in applications for membership of that august committee.

Membership of the Old Barbarians committee is, however, something that is only granted to the most deserving, and the only addition of the year was Janners, who earned his place with two Baabaa awards, for catch of the year in Helsinki (first slip, one-handed, reaction like a gazelle; and no, Stiffers’ attempt to do the same thing a few overs later doesn’t count) and, more importantly, curry of the year during the visit of the Finnish Whatstheirnames. So good was the curry that the committee unanimously voted Janners as Chief Catering Officer from now on.

On the pitch in 2012, runs were scored, wickets were taken, heroics were performed in the field, and the Old Barbarians turned up too. It would not be in keeping with the Barbarian spirit to dwell too much on the identity of the wicket-takers and run-scorers, and so suffice it to say that the Baabaas expected, and everybody did. Those who did, we salute you, and those who didn’t – there is always next year. And so the Old Barbarians march triumphantly (sans triomphe, but whatever) onwards, into the glory that awaits in 2013.

Squad members for 2012:

















And probably others (good chap Others, always has a straight bat). The committee would name them all but …

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