Old Barbarians

Match Reports

  • OBOccasionals - Only Bloody Occasionally Aug 23, 2013

    A bunch of chaps who've never heard of each other playing against a couple of teams nobody has ever heard of? Well Baaaaaaaa! to that.
  • Helsinki Tour Report Jun 21, 2013

    The early morning scene on the ferry to Helsinki would have filled the heart of an inexperienced Old Barbarian with dread, with some players slumped across multiple seats, some gambling furiously at cards, and some eyeing up the duty free and wondering whether it was too early to tuck in. Once the troops had all gathered onshore, a quick visit was made to the campsite to plant Mrs Dungers firmly in the prime tent-pitching spot, and the Old Barbarian horde descended a-whoopin’ and a-hollerin’ to the Finnish pitch.
  • 2012 The Season in Review Jan 12, 2013

    One way and another a large part of 2012 passed the Baabaa scribe by. Oh that unfortunate tick bite that laid Dungers low! Oh the scheduling clash that made Pippers unavailable at the end of the season when it really mattered! Oh that pernickerty umpire who kept Koggers and Stiffers off the field because they couldn’t sort their socks out in the changing rooms in time!

  • Match Report Old Boys 2011 Dec 12, 2012

    Having put the Old Barbarians to the sword in Helsinki, the Finnish Old Boys came over to Tallinn to continue their campaign of pillaging runs and plundering wickets.
  • Match Report, Old Barbarians v Finnish Old Boys Dec 11, 2012

    The day of the Baabaa’s first ever away match started in fine style with everyone actually turning up at the ferry terminal in due time for departure and all equipped with a passport whose photo bore some vague resemblance to the person clutching it. 
  • Old Barbarians v Melsie’s Touring XI Dec 11, 2012

    The day of the Old Baabaas first proper match of the season started threateningly as the team gathered during an epic biblical storm, but the rain soon eased off and the lakes on the outfield dried up. There were mutterings about uncovered pitches taking spin, but the concrete strip turned out not to have been too softened in the downpour, and soon the Baabaa openers were striding out to set up camp on it.